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Objectively wrong, spam is tasty.

Nice 7 seconds of clipping.

They never found that boy in the woods. :( Only his shoes and tiny bits of flesh and clumps of hair, that was later discovered to be from a deer.

RGPAnims responds:

spare s in real life???

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I don't know the the hell this is, but it's weirdly intriguing.

This is just the right type of schizo.

adriendittrick responds:

what type would you need?

Woah! This is killer. Love it and love seeing anything using the Godot engine. If you end up adding medals, I have some really hacked together (I was still learning Godot :P ) but working example of that Newgrounds medals+Godot library that @rojekabc made awhile back on my GitHub for that ListJam that happened recently. You should release a Linux build too tho. ;)

EDIT: As long as the binaries exist, Linux people don't care if it's hyper tested or not. Giving the option in the first place is the primary concern. Or releasing the .pck and letting the user supply their own engine binary is fine and dandy too. Godot is pretty darn universal and platform independent from my own experience, unless you're using GDNative, since It's all standard GLES, not like Unity's strange pseudo-HLSL -> GLSL that messes up ports.

Lambtaco responds:

Interesting. I didn't know there was any work done into Godot and medals. I haven't released a Linux build because I unfortunately don't have the means to test it.

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very epic, kys :)

You'll never get admin!

no lines about futa??

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A true queen.

I really like the sky and clouds following his body, the blownout, overexposed lighting and colour creates a nice aureola effect, while still keeping a modern approach of not directly doing that, very fitting for the son of God.
The impressionist like brushwork on the water and him kinda clashes with it, the water being the more aggresive and creating some visual confusion, but I still like it anyway. It might actually be the colour or saturation choices and not the brush strokes themselves, because I don't mind him being like that because it just makes him look more solid and present compared to the background. And hey, more muscular interpretations of Jesus is always fun.

Very nice! :) I like this dude.

KOLANI responds:

thx dood! :)

I draw weird and not so weird stuff most of the time. I am obsessively good with rocks that think, sometimes I make them do things I want, normally for mine and others amusement.
I only use libre and open software to make things.

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