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This is pretty rad. I'd like to see more levels, with some new mechanics you can keep stacking on as it goes. More art or music as it goes on would be cool as well.

I don't know the the hell this is, but it's weirdly intriguing.

This is just the right type of schizo.

adriendittrick responds:

what type would you need?

Woah! This is killer. Love it and love seeing anything using the Godot engine. If you end up adding medals, I have some really hacked together (I was still learning Godot :P ) but working example of that Newgrounds medals+Godot library that @rojekabc made awhile back on my GitHub for that ListJam that happened recently. You should release a Linux build too tho. ;)

EDIT: As long as the binaries exist, Linux people don't care if it's hyper tested or not. Giving the option in the first place is the primary concern. Or releasing the .pck and letting the user supply their own engine binary is fine and dandy too. Godot is pretty darn universal and platform independent from my own experience, unless you're using GDNative, since It's all standard GLES, not like Unity's strange pseudo-HLSL -> GLSL that messes up ports.

Lambtaco responds:

Interesting. I didn't know there was any work done into Godot and medals. I haven't released a Linux build because I unfortunately don't have the means to test it.

This is pretty darn cool, although, licensing is a bit odd. I completely agree with you, and I think NFTs and that entire thing should just hurry up and die. Pointless, annoying, driving up GPU prices, etc etc.

It does break compatibility with certain software licenses, like the GPL, and anything that would be considered "free cultural works". Although, that won't matter much to 99.99% of people, and I personally won't have a lot of use out of this (besides just for fun messing around! lol) for any projects that make it beyond non-public prototypes.

I'm more... obligated to say all of that, (ignoring personal gripes, talking about someone who's last will and testament includes releasing everything I've ever done into the public domain, and everything I currently have is GPLv3 or Creative Commons(directly or non-directly), so, aggressive when it comes to free cultural works). Ignoring, ignoring all of that.

This is REALLY cool. Super polished. Really like it. Impressive how nice both the outline shader and turning off the outline looks good both ways, nice stylistically consistent defaults. Only thing I could think of to add would be a hex colour picker.

EDIT: Thank you for the response, and yeah, balancing out blatant scammers is a difficult thing... Don't take my strange ramblings as anything major to consider, it's more just thinking out loud. Also, loved your previous work as well, super useful for fast prototyping.

Kenney responds:

I understand! Recently software of mine was copied and used to mint these darned things which made me add the license as I don't want people to use my visuals for tricking others. That's a very valid point you make though and glad to say that the other game assets I made (40,000+) all have a more regular CC0/Public domain license so they're still perfectly fine to use in any sort of project.

Thanks for the review and the suggestions!

I really love this. Between the weird surprises and really charming art. Actually makes me want to make something similar. But it's SO short though, I would LOVE to see this expanded more!

SnepShark responds:

Thank you!
If I make any sort of follow-up/continuation, I probably won't use Sok-Stories, haha. It's a fun little tool, but drawing in it really makes me miss the ability to undo/use layers/easily erase.

Needs more thirsty pigs.


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BrandyBuizel responds:

the moon's extra big tonight!

midgetsausage responds:

you know what's extra big tonight?


I can't jump nor shoot, in this game called 2D Jump and Shoot.

2021 update: I can now jump, but I still can't shoot. Also, bilinear filtering on pixel sprites.

I draw weird and not so weird stuff most of the time. I am obsessively good with rocks that think, sometimes I make them do things I want, normally for mine and others amusement.
I only use libre and open software to make things, or my own two hands.

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