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This kicks ass. Tengai baskets are radical.

worm feet

Wizard. :)

WOAH! This kicks ass. So much win!

meulinex responds:

thnx daemon!! happy pico day!!

This is wildly beautiful, I don't know where to begin. Although, the version with the gray background is really nice, like it more than the clouds. But the yellow lighting on the bone/metal in the cloud one is amazing.

Since this is a legit art review, I gotta review.
Linework incredible as ever, wonderful form. Palette a bit more subdued than your standard, but it still pops enough to match your overall style, makes it a slightly more dark/flatter piece, and with a knife like that, doing that, makes sense. The antialiasing is a bittt off on the sparkle effects, a bit jaggy, kinda clashes with the really nice, smooth screentone in the background, probably just needed to be made bigger and scaled down. Plus, I love highly personal art pieces, always interesting to see people's feeling put into a unique physical, well, digital, form.

This part is more of a review on the artist.
A bad reaction and a poorly censored callout tweet over a completely well meaning, if slightly crude joke on a website who's common catchphrase is literally "cock joke". Probably best to not post your highly personally important to you art pieces on a platform that has comments you can't disable. Or do what a lot do, don't post them on the Internet for the most part, they go hidden away for them to look at if needed, or whatever. Everyone has a bad day, but as someone who is also trans, this is why people think we're crazy and unpleasant to be around, these types of responses. This puts social strain on your and others' reputations.

I for one, support femboy tieflings.

Cryptospore responds:

Damnable wench

Now, THIS is epic.

What does he want with it? Buy a piece of candy? Get one of those rubber toys from the machine at the grocery store? To flick at the eldery?

root is a scalie

I draw weird and not so weird stuff most of the time. I am obsessively good with rocks that think, sometimes I make them do things I want, normally for mine and others amusement.
I only use libre and open software to make things, or my own two hands.

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