I draw weird and not so weird stuff most of the time. I am obsessively good with rocks that think, sometimes I make them do things I want, normally for mine and others amusement.
I only use libre and open software to make things, or my own two hands.

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DaemonPlus's News

Posted by DaemonPlus - August 4th, 2022

Hey! I'm accepting commissions now! Finally! All prices in USD, charged up front through PayPal.


Prices are a rough guide, very much so for full painted scenes, which can vary in complexity greatly, just give me a shout with an idea and I can spit out an appropriate price for it.



I work in very high resolutions(which appears NG's blogposts don't like much...), here's direct links to the examples. Check around my NG for more too!

And a commission I did a while back for album art.



Posted by DaemonPlus - June 22nd, 2022

Life is going well, my mid-year writeup will be coming very soon. So much has happened in 6 months.



Posted by DaemonPlus - April 19th, 2022


I do not know how to draw in a cartoony style I think.



Posted by DaemonPlus - April 1st, 2022

I better not see any no good nillynackers stealing my wonderful Dankman! I worked a whole 5 minutes on it!!1 And made 500 whole TANKCOINS from Mr. Tom Fulp.

I can finally retire peacefully...



Posted by DaemonPlus - December 31st, 2021

OH BOY... 2022, here it is.

I feel like 2021 has gone on forever, probably just so many events and things happening it in. And even to a lesser extent 2020... Compress 5 years of events into 2.

I've learnt so much in a such a little time. Met a lot of cool people, made awesome friends, lost old friends... 2021 has to be one of the most rollercoaster years I've ever experienced.

I've learned to value myself a lot more, and to be... Less instantly trusting of people, or to put it better, I can read people slightly better now. I've seen a lot of cruelty that people can show (You know who you are. :) I hope the 5 minutes of satisfaction was worth it.), but also, my actual friends have done a lot to support me and help me get through stuff. I am still, and always be, a fiery, passionate person though. I wouldn't have it any other way.

General life wise has improved a LOT as well. After a few years living behind a couch in a living room with my desk, sleeping on the floor. I finally have my own room, to sleep on the floor in... :P There's much less of a chance of being randomly attacked while I sleep, or while trying to work now too.

ANYWAY, who gives a shit about real life Daemon, so, on to the art stuff...

I'm gonna start streaming properly and regularly on both Twitch and Picarto. Planning on doing at least two streams a week, one dual streamed to both at the same time, and one Picarto exclusive one, so I can draw the naughty bits. High chance of having guests as well. Might do more a week if I got the time and energy, might be games on Twitch. Maybe. Might be pushing it already since streaming is pretty social, and I'm pretty reclusive. We'll see what extra I can take. ;P Serious enough to actually remake my Twitter, gross. Follow me if you want, or just use nitter to get an RSS to figure out when I'm streaming. Mostly going to be on the weekends probably, later in the day, after most people are off of work in North America. Still figuring stuff out in the beginning for scheduling shit. January is my test month. ;)

The general vibe I want from 2022 is highly productive, with lots and lots of improvement, gonna be a wild year of getting REALLY skilled. Now that I can actually focus and have some breathing space, it's going to be easy-peasy compared to what I had to work with before.

Going to be doing backgrounds on a friend's big, multi-episode, cartoon project. Lots of work, but my first BIG project while working under someone. Feels very professional. B)

Got some gamedev stuff I'm very slowly working on, kinda half-backburner, but chipping away. Might have a more prominent game project once someone else is all set to go... I suspect maybe... February?

I am extremely grateful for my wonderful, wonderful, magical friends.

@cryptospore for just straight keeping me alive and mostly sane this year even though I'm less than super cooperative most of the time.

@octo and @curleefro for reminding me I didn't waste over a decade of my life and that computers can be fun still!

@joe-mega for being the best touchy uncle I know. Keep my updated on the office! I wanna see a tour soon!

Thank you @staggernight for keeping me company at 5am so many times, I love listening to you talk about your plans and projects.

I'm gonna visit a maccas just for that chicken Big Mac with you @RGPAnims one day, I swear.

I can't really think of how to say directly thanks to everyone so I'll just say, the @bootrotrascals are cool people who you should definitely give all of your gold rings, copper wire and cough syrup to. You guys rock. :)

I promised @lobstermango more smiles this year and I'm going to make right on that promise.

And thank you @TomFulp in general for making Newgrounds. Finding NG back in the day, and I vividly remember it being the primary reason I wanted to make art and it's also what got me into gamedev too. I've wandered and shifted and got distracted many times over the years, with life managing to beat me into a pulp repeatedly. But, with my account turning 15 years later this year, I know for sure, creating things is what I want to do for the rest of my life now. Pretty wild to look back on...

TL;DR no sappy bullshit, MAX grug edition

Life hard, but life better than before.

I'm streaming on Twitch on Picarto weekly now.

Gonna make a lot of cool stuff over this year and GIT GUD.

thx u frens :)



Posted by DaemonPlus - October 18th, 2021

I've gotten around to converting the vast majority of my art uploads to WebP from my normally HEAVILY optimized PNGs. Should minimize people complaining "Daemon, your uploads take 2 minutes to load for me." etcetc Although, all of them are pushed through oxipng/optipng. For my own website, I'll be keeping my standard jpg thumbnails/previews into full lossless pngs setup since I'm less worried about people being annoyed at downloading the full image since the previews are so small and I don't really care much about bandwidth there.

I love lossless image formats and I've done a lot of research into how they're implemented, going as far as to write my own optimizers, IE fargo (ignore the ugly, old code). That said, I'm not the biggest fan of WebP in general, I do admit, it's a nice bit of a shrink compared to PNG majority of the time. It's ratio on grayscale images is god awful, so anything I upload that's grayscale will be sticking with PNG. I don't really mind the fact Google has it's hands within it, since it's still a free and open format, with a decent reference library.

What I'm really waiting for is JPEG XL to start picking up, so far, everything I've seen with it blows WebP out of the water. Hopefully Newgrounds will implement it once it's supported in more browsers by default. I'm not exactly sure why I made this newspost, I guess I just love talking about lossless image formats a lot...

Fun and further reading:






Posted by DaemonPlus - August 16th, 2021


also, happy clock day :)



Posted by DaemonPlus - July 21st, 2021



Posted by DaemonPlus - May 7th, 2021


tl;dr closed source, bad track record having, monolithically run platforms are almost always bad.

Yes. The rumours are true. (God, you guys really jumped on that without anyone confirming anything lol) I've deleted the Atomix server. It was a fun and... Interesting ride/experiment.

I got a couple primary reasons for doing it.

1. This is the primary: Discord is a awful platform as a general rule, it offers almost no proper moderation tools. And trying to contact them about things out of your control takes weeks and weeks to get a half assed response. I have little interest in continuing to deal with them. IRC is vastly better.

2. Why not transfer ownership? I don't like the idea of letting go of something that could spiral out of control into something bad or people being highly dependant on an awful platform, and a single online community in general. People should be lighter on their toes, more focused on the people and the art and real life. I was awfully nervous about moving ownership even for the little bit of time I did. I always like having my finger on the purge button just in case stuff goes bad.

I think Atomix was and IS a good idea as a general thing but with a combination of some not very good people joining and starting beef with people without any reason. It was getting out of hand, and I just didn't wanna deal with it, nor did I want it to fester under someone else's control neither.

You guys should give the BBS a try, or like, the builtin chat on Newgrounds. Or like, a nice walk in the forest.

The Future: I can't speak for most of the staff, but I'll be working on personal projects, improving and continuing to be pretty antisocial and insular, like how I'm actually meant to be. If anyone has questions or just want to rant to me, my DMs are open both on Discord and Newgrounds.

I'm a bit disappointed I couldn't do my special gamejam/artjam idea I had. I might return to it in the future, but keep it local to Newgrounds forums itself, or something.

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

Emotes, banner art and icons. :)


(THANK YOU @bigtexastony FOR THE DRAWING <3 <3)