I draw weird and not so weird stuff most of the time. I am obsessively good with rocks that think, sometimes I make them do things I want, normally for mine and others amusement.
I only use libre and open software to make things, or my own two hands.

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Posted by DaemonPlus - May 7th, 2021


tl;dr closed source, bad track record having, monolithically run platforms are almost always bad.

Yes. The rumours are true. (God, you guys really jumped on that without anyone confirming anything lol) I've deleted the Atomix server. It was a fun and... Interesting ride/experiment.

I got a couple primary reasons for doing it.

1. This is the primary: Discord is a awful platform as a general rule, it offers almost no proper moderation tools. And trying to contact them about things out of your control takes weeks and weeks to get a half assed response. I have little interest in continuing to deal with them. IRC is vastly better.

2. Why not transfer ownership? I don't like the idea of letting go of something that could spiral out of control into something bad or people being highly dependant on an awful platform, and a single online community in general. People should be lighter on their toes, more focused on the people and the art and real life. I was awfully nervous about moving ownership even for the little bit of time I did. I always like having my finger on the purge button just in case stuff goes bad.

I think Atomix was and IS a good idea as a general thing but with a combination of some not very good people joining and starting beef with people without any reason. It was getting out of hand, and I just didn't wanna deal with it, nor did I want it to fester under someone else's control neither.

You guys should give the BBS a try, or like, the builtin chat on Newgrounds. Or like, a nice walk in the forest.

The Future: I can't speak for most of the staff, but I'll be working on personal projects, improving and continuing to be pretty antisocial and insular, like how I'm actually meant to be. If anyone has questions or just want to rant to me, my DMs are open both on Discord and Newgrounds.

I'm a bit disappointed I couldn't do my special gamejam/artjam idea I had. I might return to it in the future, but keep it local to Newgrounds forums itself, or something.

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

Emotes, banner art and icons. :)


(THANK YOU @bigtexastony FOR THE DRAWING <3 <3)



Gargle my nuts and suck my cock

I still have no fucking clue what happened

Re-read it. I say why. :P

@Fuug @DaemonPlus oof yeah I see it now. My brain is a block of lead :/

Creo que necesito mas paciencia para leer que intentar crear una peliculs de madness combat con un programa de movil ._.

Lo se, es que mi PC se rompio y ahora tengo que hacer todo en una aplicacion mediocre de movil

): it was fun while it lasted

newgrounds deluxe game of the yesr edition

*year god damnit